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If you looking for a combination of documentary style and perfectly posed couple shots we are the ones for you. We won't stop you to pose as you walk down the aisle because we think that this is not what the wedding is about we think its about emotion about the tears of joy of your parents your now wife or husband when they give their speech, its about the fun you will have with your close friends who you carefully chose to be by your side on your special day, and we think it is equally important to choose your photographers. We always thought that photography is fun and being people persons we like to enjoy your day with you blend in and deliver the shots which will show you the day through your guests eyes. Than on top we will be able to either on the day or if you like on a different day chosen by you deliver the nicest couple shots. Whether you prefer to look natural or you would like us to pose you for the perfect magazine type shot. So if you think this is what you looking for just give us a shout and lets have fun together.



Kat & Authur

Thank you so much for the photos! They are wonderful and you were such great company and you made everything super easy for us and stress free. You definitely have our support.

Alice & Neil

We were amazed by the professional attitude and perfect communication. The professionalism and the final product where perfect. We can only recommend to others and can't wait for future cooperation."

Matt & Dimi

Amazing value, very professional and friendly. We had a great day and it was brilliantly captured by Vip Weddings! Thank you very much & cannot recommend you highly enough!






Further Upgrades can be purchased or we can Tailor a Package to your specific needs as no Wedding has to be the same...


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